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Welcome to Carroll Properties, a Florida-based hotel property management company with decades of experience and a commitment to high-quality vacation destinations. As a hotel and resort management company, Carroll Properties Investments, Inc. provides various levels of hospitality management to several different hotels and hotel brands. We do complete renovations and new builds from design to purchasing.

Carroll Properties handles all aspects of property oversight for hotels, resorts, marinas and RV parks in Florida and Ohio. We offer various levels of hospitality management including complete renovations overseeing the design, purchasing and construction of new builds and all daily business administration and operations.

Founded in 1966, Carroll Properties Investments, Inc. is a family-owned hotel and resort management company dedicated to excellent hospitality property management. This commitment means offering warm hospitality, the best in accommodations and cuisine, and a hotel staff trained to offer the best service.

Let us show you the "Carroll Properties difference" that will have guests coming back and referring others.

The hotel property management company has specialized in the Florida hospitality industry for more than 15 years. More than a hotel management company, our services have extended to golf courses, RV parks, strip malls and other real estate developments. View a portfolio of Carroll Properties resorts and hotels or see our additional properties for the range of venues we are able to manage.

For more information, please contact us at (239) 278-5900.

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